Zoos Victoria

Werribee Primary

Grade 4 students from Werribee Primary, Monique, Jessie, Georgie and Larnie, are determined to ensure that Eastern Barred Bandicoots (EBB's) will not go extinct on their watch. They developed their own campaign that included a quiz show and a rap which they performed at their school assembly to spread the message among the other students.

At the Sustainability Festival hosted at Werribee Open Range Zoo, the students performed their rap to other like-minded students from the Wyndham region. It was an inspirational day that clearly demonstrated that if we join forces to save our local species, there is nothing we cannot achieve. Here are some of the students reflections about the day...

'My heart was pumping. We were being interviewed by Zooperwoman! How many EBB's are left? Oh, No! I can't think! All I can hear is the sound of my heart pounding. It is so loud in my ears. Boom, boom, boom! Um, between 200 and 300 I answered. Big thumbs up! said Zooperwoman, bending her elbows to giving a thumbs up. That wasn't so bad I tell myself… walking away with a smile. I can't wait to see the video!'
Monique, Grade 4

'The first thing I think is how small and cute the Eastern Barred Bandicoot is. How fluffy! I say to the zookeeper, Ben. Do we get to hold it? I say cautiously. When Ben said, Yes, why not! I was so excited that I felt like screaming. Ben, why don't the Eastern Barred Bandicoots have long tails? I asked. Because they don't need them Ben said confidently. Why do the EBBs have such pointed noses? Because they use them to dig around in the grassy places to eat insects and meal worms… I wanted to stay all day and learn more about the EBB but we had to go'.
Jessie, Grade 3

'Did you know that there are only 200 or 300 Eastern Barred Bandicoots left in the world? I've been spreading the word to anyone who'll listen. I made a speech at assembly. Everyone commented how they wanted to help. I'm an EBB and you can't eat me. Because I'm behind a feral proof fence at the Werribee Z, the students sang. Everyone clapped and cheered excitedly. We want to make a difference. We want to save the EBB'.
Georgie, Grade 4

'An enthusiastic applause told us we had done a great job. We did a Quiz and a Rap to tell others about the Eastern Barred Bandicoot. The song sings in my head as I eat my snack and I am thinking about all the things we do at Werribee Primary School to look after the environment. We walk to school, we recycle paper, cardboard and plastic and we have compost bins. I know we are doing our best!'
Larni, Grade 4

The students went on to spread the conservation message through print and online media, including the Herald Sun, as well as their own school blog and newsletter. What an incredible achievement!!!

EBB RAP, Werribee Primary School
I'm an EBB, you can't touch me,
Because of the feral proof fence at the Werribee Z

I'm an EBB, I have a short pregnancy
It's only 12.5 days before you see a baby B

I'm an EBB, I want a feed
I like insects for breakfast, lunch and tea

I'm an EBB, you can't find me
Because foxes and cats are eating me

I'm an EBB, you can save me
I'm nearly extinct, I only live in captivity

I'm and EBB, I'd like to be free
Can you help to rescue me?