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Conservation Mashups

Many of our animals have no voice and need you to speak on their behalf. Here's your chance to be that voice! Flex your skills as a budding film-maker and mash up a huge range of videos, music, and your own words from within your web browser. New campaign just added!

Get Creative by creating a Conservation Mashup
Create your mashup, submit it then share it with the world. Legendary!

YouTube Re-Mixing

YouTube is often blocked at school but it has some great new features that allow you to re-mix videos that have been licensed under Creative Commons. They even have an online editor that allows you to edit your own footage with other creative commons clips! You can also add music, titles and transitions, then share your movie back to youtube.
All our Act Wild Videos are available for this and can be found here. Ace!

Mark Your Books

Load your printer with 100% recycled or FSC certified paper and print your own Act Wild bookmark. Note: may not work with eBooks, iBooks or Kindles ;)

Act Wild Bookmark

Biodiversity is Us




This free app supports the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity 2011–2020. Learn about 400 animal species, take part in games and quizzes, and share your favorite animal pictures and actions with friends. Download the app here
You can also download these free animal posters: Lion (PDF), Gorilla (PDF), Frog (PDF)

Slightly Wild Wallpapers

If you want to fly the Act Wild flag on your PC, Mac, tablet, iPad or iPhone: we salute you!

Audio & Ringtones

Forget Pharrel Williams or Miley Cyrus, our Act Wild animals present the real smash hits of 2014!
And if those audiological delights weren't enough, some of Melbourne Zoo's finest animals decided to turn the volume up to 11...

A License to Create?

All ringtone, audio and images downloadable from this website are licensed under Creative Commons. This means you can remix, reuse and mash these files in your own projects; just follow the conditions of the license and you could be the next Banksy! Maybe.