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Registering to Act Wild

When you register, follow these simple guidelines...
  • Just provide your first name. We don't need your surname.
  • Choose a unique username. Use lower-case letters only or our computer says no!
  • Your username and first name will be publicly viewable. This is so that others can see the great actions you've done.
  • Choose a password that's hard for others to guess. The longer the better.
  • We'll need your e-mail address so we can activate your account.
  • After you've registered, you'll need to access your e-mail and click the activation link sent from actwild@zoo.org.au before you can login. If you can't find the e-mail, check your Junk mail folder.
  • If you're a student, use your school e-mail address if you have one and feel free to let us know your year level and school name (but this is optional).
  • Once you've registered, you're ready to rock and roll! Logged in users can comment on blog posts, record the actions you've completed, receive e-mail reminders, upload photos, ask questions and much more.

General Guidelines to Act Wild

Some easy to follow guidelines to help you Act Wild...
  • You can login with your e-mail address or your username. Easy!
  • Use appropriate language. Remember, this is a public space. Let’s keep it a civilised one!
  • There’s no need to provide too much info about yourself.
  • Make sure you only upload photos you have taken yourself.
  • This isn’t a platform for poking fun. This is a place to have fun.
  • Remember to be respectful to your friends, the zoo staff and the animals (the gorillas get cranky otherwise).
  • Get involved and visit often!
That way, you’ll know the latest and be able to make a real difference.

What We Will Do

  • If you’re active – we’ll show it! We will profile the latest and most active users.
  • We will maintain your privacy: that means never sharing your e-mail address and complying with the Australian Privacy Act (the legal bits). We will publish your username and your firstname but only to showcase your great work.
  • Give you a range of ace free stuff to help you get involved.
  • Allow you to use our content and the Kiani API under a Creative Commons license (it's cool, trust us!).
  • Occasionally contact you via the e-mail address you have provided, but should you want to opt out, we’ll make sure it is super easy for you to do that.
  • Keep you up to date on some amazing stuff happening in conservation!

Privacy Policy

We are committed to ensure the privacy of your information. You can read our full privacy policy here.

Now that wasn't too bad was it? ;) The next steps are to Register or Login.