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Which animal species do you think is the highest priority to save from extinction? And why?
Wild Activists

Get inspired by young conservation leaders in our schools and in our communities.

Hear what others are doing to be heard and check out our favourite Wild Activists.

Get Creative with a Conservation Mashup     Flex your skills as a budding film-maker, star in your own Wipe for Wildlife video or download ringtones and wallpapers. It's time to Get Creative!
Questions and Answers!

Are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

If you have a question you need answered about our Act Wild animals, get in touch with our wildlife experts here at the Zoo, because this is Q and A!

Pics & Photos

Get involved - take a picture of the animals you see at our zoos or in the wild and submit it.

Pics taken by students, teachers, crazy aunts, little brothers and clever platypuses are all welcome.

leaderboard-actwild   Who's doing the most to help save our Act Wild animals? Our top activists! You can gain points by taking actions, commenting on our blogs and forum, or uploading your photos.
Go on, get Grubby!

Want to take on a real world challenge that makes a big difference to conservation and wildlife?

You could build a nestbox for native animals or create a garden to attract a whole host of wildlife. Go on Get Grubby!

web-conference-2 We love our local species at Healesville Sanctuary. You will too!
web-conference-3How do beads and soccer help wildlife and communities in Kenya? Find out from experts at Werribee Open Range Zoo.
web-conference-1 Chat to experts from Melbourne Zoo, meet our Orang-utans, and find out more about our Don't Palm Us Off campaign.