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Is a group of tigers really called an ‘ambush’?
Why do orangutans sleep in nests?
What does Zooperman do on his days off?
And should I be wearing my undies on the outside of my pants too?

Whilst we might not be able to provide sound fashion advice, we can answer your curly questions about our Act Wild animal species, their habitats and conservation! We’d love to hear from you and help you in your conservation enquiries...
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  • Be Specific: The more specific and concise you are (that means keeping it short and to the point), then the faster we’ll be able to get back to you and answer your question.
  • Be Patient: We’re also super busy taking care of all the animals that you love here at the zoo, so you’ll likely have to wait at least 72 hours for your answer. But, trust us – it will be worth the wait!
  • Check Back Regularly: Come back here to see the answer to your question. You can access this page anywhere that you can access internet.
  • And we’ll do our best: We might be experts in conservation and wildlife but we don’t always know every little thing about every little animal (there are a LOT of different species in the world)… You can be sure we’ll have tried our hardest to answer your query.
So, start submitting your questions through our free Act Wild iPhone App or by e-mailing us at actwild@zoo.org.au!

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