Hi, helping Australian animals like the Platypus and the Wombat is easy. All you need to do is act wild!
No salad required

Brown Tree Snake with a small chicken

Snakes are truly amazing predators. They can go for months without eating but when they do it’s usually something pretty big!

Death Adders use their worm-like tail as a lure

Snake feed day is a lot of fun for a reptile keeper. They get to feed a Death Adder who wiggles it’s worm like tail to lure prey towards it. And after that it’s our Inland Taipan who’s venom is toxic enough to kill thousands of rats with one bite! You can watch this and more in the video below…

Reptiles feeding from Zoos Victoria on Vimeo.

Being cold blooded (ectothermic) reptiles can survive quite easily for a long time after eating. Some can even go for a year or more if the meal is big enough! Imagine trying to eat something 5 times the size of your head? Without chewing!

An easy meal for a Death Adder

Inland Taipan’s prefer rats

Down the hatch!

Chantilly the Lace Monitor

Lace monitors also swallow their prey whole… even rabbits!

This summer at Healesville Sanctuary we’re highlighting our awesome predators. So if you’re fascinated by snakes, devils, birds of prey and dingoes, then come and check them out!

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