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Looking for Leadbeaters- Day 3

Sub-adult female from N1 family. She’s about a year old

Two Leadbeater’s Possum (LBP) territories surveyed today – those of the N3 and N1 families, respectively. And the result- Three LBPs in N3 and four LBPs in N1 (the same family sizes as that recorded here last year). Better news than we had for day 2!

The pouch of young females that are yet to breed are tight, clean and pale pink coloured

N3: Adult pair present plus one new possum- a young adult male weighing 121 g (possibly the pouch young detected last year). The adult female did not have any young in her pouch this year. Based on her pouch condition, there is no evidence of recent production of young here.

She was rather grumpy during her examination… but she is now at least 9 years of age (which is very old for a LBP – about 100 in human years). This is close to the record for a wild LBP so I’ll forgive her grumpiness.

New juvenile female in the N1 family. She is around 7 months old and will stay with her parents for at least another year.

N1: Breeding pair present plus two young! Both young were female which is great (males are more prevalent). One young was 109 g (subadult) and the other 86 g (juvenile). They were from successive litters. Tattoo black AX is still the breeding female and has a new male mate (Black 22). Far better breeding activity than at N3, just 200 m to the north. Is variation in breeding success driven more by territory habitat quality or parenting abilities of the resident breeding pair??? Will need to analyse the data to examine production of young per territory for different pairs over 10-15 years to answer this.

Thin, vertical tea tree and paperbark form dense thickets here at Yellingbo. These provide ideal movement highways for LBP’s that leap from stem to stem in a manner similar to Lemurs on Madagascar.

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