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Looking for Leadbeaters- Day 1

Day 1 Monitoring at Yellingbo Conservation Reserve

An adult male Leadbeater’s Possum from the L5 family.

Today’s monitoring went very well. Three Leadbeater’s Possum (LBP) territories were examined, two of which still contained LBP families. Better than that, both families examined have increased in size over the past year. Results exceeded expectations!

Every LBP family has been given a unique letter-number code to distinguish it. The families checked today were J4, L5 and M3.

J4: no LBPs detected. This territory appears to have been abandoned due to vegetation dieback.

L5: a family of four LBPs found tucked up together in their warm nest of shredded bark.

The nest of finely shredded bark made by the L5  family. All the family were huddled up together asleep in the centre to keep warm during the day.

Three of these possums were here last year. The fourth is a new juvenile (81 g male). Adult weights look good – the males were 137 g and 138 g. Adult female had tiny unfurred young in her pouch. Areas of severe vegetation dieback in the territory. Revegetation required. One family of Sugar Gliders also observed in a nest box.

New juvenile male in the L5 family. He is approximately 6 months old.

The L5 territory at Yellingbo

M3: family of four LBPs found. Yay! Same breeding pair present as last year with two new subadult young (110 g male & 115 g female). Surprising result as this territory has struggled to produce young. Hasn’t had four possums since 2005. Adult female had no young in her pouch. Adult body weights very good – 137 g and 139 g (and almost the same as 2013). One ringtail possum and one family of Sugar Gliders also observed in nest boxes. Agile Antechinus scats in several nest boxes. One nest box occupied by feral Honeybees.

Here’s hoping we have more good news days in the weeks ahead. Will keep you posted! Oh and any questions feel free to ask below.

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