Hi, helping Australian animals like the Platypus and the Wombat is easy. All you need to do is act wild!
Lifecycle of a maggoty fish

Here at Healesville Sanctuary, not much gets wasted. A single fish can provide both food and enrichment for several species over the course of a week (although not many people would want to get too close to it by the end).


Day 1 – Keeper Jess has a fresh fish carcass and knows who would love it- Wylie the Water rat goes straight for the eye balls. Yum! That’s enough food for him for 2 days! Now we just needed to let our fish get a bit more smelly before going to the next eager recipient.


monika-fish_360x280Day 3 – Tasmanian Devil keeper, Monica, with the fish that has gone rotten. She left it outside for a few hours and it is now covered in maggots.

scent-marking_360x280Day 3 – Tasmanian Devil, Lucifer, scent marking his maggoty new fish. He is so excited

devil-fish_360x280 Lucifer taking his fish away to hide from everyone else. He got very protective of it when any keeper got too close.

After 5 days there was nothing left to find of the maggoty fish carcass… Well if you got too close to Lucifer you’d still get a sensory reminder… Smells like enrichment!

Oh by the way- you may not want to try this with your fishy leftovers at home :)

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