Hi, helping Australian animals like the Platypus and the Wombat is easy. All you need to do is act wild!
Happy Biodiversity Day!

The United Nations has proclaimed May 22 The International Day for Biological Diversity to increase awareness of biodiversity issues.
The theme for 2014 is ‘Islands‘ and it’s hard to imagine a larger or more biologically diverse island than Australia.

Saving Wildlife- one action at a time!
It’s a good day to look back on what you’ve helped us achieve recently to help save wildlife. It may feel like doing one small action won’t help much but collectively our actions really make a huge positive difference to the species we are trying to save. So what do you think these numbers mean?

108,720 mobile phones recycled, raising over $200,000 to help save Gorillas in the Congo.

900+ families in northern Kenya supported by beads sales, as well as numbers of Grevy’s Zebra rising.

15,594 people have pledged to use phosphate-free detergents to keep our waterways healthy.

163,917 people have joined our campaign to have palm oil labelled and 30,000+ people have emailed food manufacturers asking them to switch to Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.

20,000+ people every year are making the switch to recycled toilet paper

182 Seal the Loop bins installed along our coastline that have collected over 25km of discarded fishing line.

There is still much to do, of course, but it’s nice to celebrate the achievements, especially when we are so often seeing the bad news about wildlife conservation. In that spirit we’d love to see what you are doing to help wildlife. You can upload a photo with a short caption to our photo gallery here.

This is me releasing a captive-bred Spotted Tree Frog to the wild

To see the positive actions others are doing can really be empowering for all. Happy Biodiversity Day from all of us at Zoos Victoria!

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