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Farewell Timi the Tree Kangaroo

Today we said goodbye to one of Melbourne Zoo’s most loved animals, a treasured Zoo ambassador, Timika, better known as Timi, the Goodfellow’s Tree-Kangaroo.

Since Timi was born at Melbourne Zoo in 2000, he has touched the hearts of many and given them an opportunity to learn about a species most people have never heard of and inspire them to make a difference.

Target training Timi

I have been fortunate to work with Timi throughout his life. He has given me such joy as one of his keepers with his captivating personality; unlike many tree kangaroos he was not as shy and elusive as they can be. Interestingly enough as one of the top breeding males, he never displayed all the usual  behavioral traits that they can exhibit, not being very territorial at all, making it easy for us when training him for husbandry and veterinary procedures and close encounters.

Timi has been a media superstar, appearing many times throughout various media channels, tv, magazines and newspaper stories. He has encountered many personalities and VIPs from the film and television industry, sporting greats from the tennis, grand prix, and golf, to name a few.

I have never seen another tree kangaroo quite like Timi. It was a great honor and privilege to work with him, and learn from him, and I thank him for being such a huge part of my career.

It is through Timi and his offspring that at Melbourne Zoo we were able to be the first with the developmental studies for his species,  recording detailed measurements of his joeys while they were still in the pouch, and become leaders within the breeding program for this endangered species. I will miss him dearly.

Emily said

I was so sad when I heard the news because I adopted that animal ]:

Tay said

That is so sad. What is the date she died????

Rick Hammond, Zoos Victoria said

It was very sad for all of us here. The date he died was July 11, 2014. He was 14 years old which is quite old for a tree roo

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