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Bandicoot monitoring- day 4


Our final day for our winter monitoring of Eastern Barred Bandicoots (EBBs) at Woodlands Historic Park and we are still finding great numbers of healthy bandicoots (and Possums).

Today our teams caught 10 EBBs and 6 of them were new animals born in the reserve! That gives us a total of 36 for this round of monitoring (including 14 new animals born in the wild!). Each of the females we caught also had young, with a total of 27 new babies counted in their mothers’ pouches! We also found lots of bandicoot diggings across the park, which is also good to see. It shows they are moving throughout their new home and foraging for their favourite foods including worms, other invertebrates, roots and tubers.

Woodlands_360x280Perfect bandicoot habitat – a mix of grasslands and woodlands

Our partners in Conservation Volunteers Australia and Parks Victoria, and all our Zoo staff, are very pleased with how the new population is growing and how healthy all the Bandicoots look. We look forward to seeing them all again soon!

EBB-release2_360x280Bye bandicoots! See you next time!

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