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Bandicoot monitoring- Day 2

Today we had teams of Eastern Barred Bandicoot (EBB) researchers from Conservation Volunteers Australia, Parks Victoria and Zoos Victoria working across the park to see who was in our traps and monitor our bandicoot population. We were hoping to see our older EBBs and also find some new youngsters born in the wild. If there are new bandicoots found, they could be the fourth generation born at this site – we could be great great grandparents!

EBB-release_360x280An EBB released after a quick check up

Success! It was frosty as the sun rose over Woodlands, but all of the animals were warm in their fluffy beds. We were very excited to find 16 EBBs and 5 of them were new animals born in the wild! All of them were in excellent condition with some of the males over 900 grams – that is big for a bandicoot! Even better, we found one of our females that was released last year with 3 new young in her pouch!

ebb-pouchyoung_360x280Baby EBBs in mum’s pouch (Photo: Deb Dyson)

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s results!

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