Zoos Victoria
luyang said

I believe wildlife is very important. I’ve been thinking if we can teach all the children about wildlife and they’ll start to help wildlife as well.

    Rick Hammond, Zoos Victoria said

    I agree luyang! As someone famous once said…’before we can save animals we must learn to love them’ (or words to that effect)

Laura Vissaritis, Melbourne Zoo said

The greatness of a nation and its moral
progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Gandhi

Mia said

i have written too arnots to ask if they use palm oil, and if it is sustainably sourced.

93ally1 said

We want sustainable palm oil so every tree cut down a new one is planted

Elliot said

I wrote to colgate and told them to stop using palm oil

Max said

So cute those orangutangs are:)

Kaylah Devlin said

Orangantangs are very adorable!!!!!

Lisa said

Hi my Grade 4 class are hosting an “Orange Day” next week to highlight the threat to the Orangutans. We have been learning about the Palm Oil industry. Our whole school will visit our class to see what we have been working on and see products that are Palm Oil free or use Sustainable Palm Oil.
Everyone has emailed the ministers about this important labelling issue due to be decided on the 25th of November 2016. We are making a stand for the Orangutans!

Rick Hammond, Zoos Victoria said

Fantastic work! Thanks so much for your all your efforts and hopefully our Ministers will realise how much support there is for palm oil labelling from the Australian Community!

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