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A new born bandicoot is the size of a 5c coin. You can help them just by collecting loose change! Take the Common Cents Challenge

Act Now for the bandicoot

What else can you do?

  • Get Creative and spread the message that EBB's need saving! Mashup your own video here to share with the world!
  • Plant native grasses in your backyard and make a home for grassland animals.

The Eastern Barred Bandicoot wouldn’t be here without our help.

They were once widespread across grasslands and grassy woodlands of western Victoria. Today they are extinct in the wild mostly due to habitat loss and predation by introduced foxes and cats

They are a nocturnal marsupial that feeds on insects, spiders and plant roots.

They rely on native grasses for protection and nest building. Grasslands were once widespread across Victoria's basalt plains.

Unfortunately less than 1% of native grassland habitat remains and introduced predators have had a massive impact on this gentle local bandicoot.

  • Eastern Barred Bandicoots have one of the shortest gestation periods of any mammal, at just 12.5 days!
  • Females give birth to 2-4 young who remain in the backwards-facing pouch for approximately sixty days.
  • At just seventy-five days old they are independent, and at ninety days can begin breeding themselves.
  • The last wild population on the mainland were hanging out at the Hamilton tip making use of the old cars and other junk for protection
  • There is a subspecies of the Eastern Barred Bandicoot surviving in the wild in Tasmania which is classified as 'vulnerable'.

Habitat loss due to farming and housing developments has had the greatest impact- less than 1% of Victoria's native grasslands remain and what's left is in small isolated pockets.

Introduced predators such as foxes and cats have had a massive impact on bandicoots and other small ground dwelling native animals.

Rabbits also compete with bandicoots for habitat resources

At our Zoos...

  • Healesville Sanctuary
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  • Hamilton Community Parklands
  • Serendip Sanctuary
  • Mt Rothwell
  • Woodlands Historic Park