Zoos Victoria
What Can You Do?

The Wipe for Wildlife philosophy is simple. Flushing trees down the toilet doesn't make sense!
Especially in times of Climate Change and especially when toilet paper can be made from waste products such as recycled paper.

Millions of trees are flushed down the toilet each year so that we can all wipe our bums and bits.
We can all help our environment and wildlife simply by choosing recycled toilet paper. We recommend brands that:

  • Use 100% post-consumer waste
  • Are made within Australia
  • Uses non-toxic chemicals

So what else can you do?

  • Convince your friends and colleagues to make the switch to recycled toilet paper
  • Take it further than the toilet-Go recycled paper for kitchen paper towel, tissues, computer printing…
  • Get creative to spread the word about the Wipe for Wildlife Campaign and show us what you're doing

Buy Recycled Toilet paper and Wipe for Wildlife.

190 people have helped so far.